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Think Enriched with Amy Robles is the podcast to guide smart, ambitious women to think bigger, create businesses they love and keep their family first. Amy has trained thousands of business owners to learn marketing & sales strategies. She knows how to help and is ready to work with you. Amy understands that when you enrich a woman's life, you help her entire circle of influence. You can enrich your life and your bottom line. Join us and move forward to your dreams.
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Apr 28, 2015

Gina Horkey Quit her job as a Financial Advisor to be a Freelance Writer.

  • Former financial advisor gone pro freelance writer...AND her husband is able to be home with their children
  • Starts the CFP program and made a big change
  • How she defines a Webpreneur
  • How she found her writing style
  • How she found a spot writing regularly on the Huffington Post
  • How it's been helpful to her to NOT have a degree in journalism
  • Blogging for pay, and for companies is a very realistic way to earn
  • What does a writer do during a day's work: it's not all coffee shops & day dreams
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • How she and her husband set their plan to have the family first and parent their own children
  • Why they stopped paying into retirement now
  • Self-doubt still comes up, having a contingency plan makes all the difference
  • Her organization system: Google's framework works for her
  • The course on how to become a freelance writer
  • How you can determine the best way to get started on your freelance journey
  • Where to display your portfolio of writing
  • How much she spent to start her business.
  • Connect with Gina here:
Apr 22, 2015

This episode brings more insight as to Why the name "Think Enriched."

Amy talks about key components of the show, namely:

  • How to keep personal finance personal.  What works for you may not work for me.  
  • Judgment of others doing something different from you doesn't help anyone.
  • Your experience and your story MATTER.  Share them with the community.
  • Living YOUR enriched life.
Apr 13, 2015

Travis Scott,

Why he left the banking world.

Banks don't always do what's best for the client.

From banking to dental sales + a side business.

How he and his wife made it through the loss of a child.

Getting involved with the community of parents who have lost a child.

His debt-free experience. How they paid $30K off in 18 months

"It's easier to make more money- than to budget super tightly."

How to ask for a raise "I will teach you how to be Rich"

He started an app biz, then sold it for $20K, in less than a year.

How to find an app developer on a budget.

The strategy that could work for you.

The contacts, the people to work with

Sell books on Amazon, apps, so many new businesses

Amazon FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon 

Amazon FBA program he teaches

What to buy

How to find items

The simple process to 

What he earns from Amazon

How to learn directly from Travis to be successful for the FBA program

Building a system to be successful

10+ hrs of work per week

This program is not for everyone.  

The best investment advice he has for YOU.

Podcasts can teach you the process

Books, read daily

Mastermind group

Spend some money, learn a skill

Time management with a business/life/children

How he fits all of the priorities on his regular scheduled day.

Divorces and marriage: how you can help protect your family from that.

The conversation you need to figure out debt.


He he lives an Enriched Life?  He figures it out.

Apr 13, 2015

Side Hustle


Red Paper Clip Story

Shoe business online

How Side Hustle Nation came to be

Build it on the side

15 Best Side Hustles


The first step in order to create a business.

Nick's success with

A major jump in his Side Hustle on Fiver

How to determine your "Freedom Number"

How to determine your "Rat Race Number"

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

How to determine your "Retirement Number"

The rule of 25.

Importance of Supportive spouse

"The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class"

Best thing that could happen

Most Likely that could happen

Worst thing that could happen

Save money on your cellphone with Ting, Republic Wireless,

Being overdrawn.  

The reverse Debt Snowball.  A passive income approach.

Cashing in on the rewards of credit cards.  

Be the credit card company's worst nightmare.  Pay on time.  Cash in every reward.  Make them work for you.

Every credit card is 0% interest when you pay it on time.

Nick's personal process to test things out and see what works.

How members of his Nick's Mastermind group has made tremendous progress.

Nick's One- time Strategy session.  

Examine what has worked

What is the next step

Evaluate your next steps in the process for success

Entrepreneurism is not just one source of income or traffic.  That's too risky.

It's not all rainbows and puppy dog moments. 

The first day/ low point of his self-employed career

Nick's next few projects

Self-publishing, check out episode 58


Nick's TED-X talk on creativity

Apr 13, 2015

Welcome to Think Enriched with Amy Robles.

This is a quick intro to the show, what to look for, what we will cover and where you can go to ask questions.