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Think Enriched with Amy Robles is the podcast to guide smart, ambitious women to think bigger, create businesses they love and keep their family first. Amy has trained thousands of business owners to learn marketing & sales strategies. She knows how to help and is ready to work with you. Amy understands that when you enrich a woman's life, you help her entire circle of influence. You can enrich your life and your bottom line. Join us and move forward to your dreams.
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Dec 14, 2017

How to Stretch Yourself to Become Your Best

This week I'm delighted to have Jon Stolpe on the show.

We discuss:

  • How we connected. 
  • Why STRETCH is such an important term in Jon's life.
  • He's helping men around the country help improve their commitment to fatherhood, family, faith, and work challenges.  See the Stretched Men Group for more info.
  • How Jon first got to Guatemala.
  • The big confirmation that allowed him to go there.
  • Jon and his blog audience brought the finances available to build houses.
  • His book, Rooftop Reflections.
  • How the book, Wrecked, for something good, as Jeff Goins described.
  • The socio-economic status of families in the Guatemalan culture.  How widows struggle amidst the situation.
  • They have built multiple homes in Guatemala to help families of widows in Guatemala. 
  • Jon's vision to build 100 houses in Guatemala before he passes away. 
  • The next step in his journey to impact families and involve the community in the process.
  • What Jon and his family would like from you.
  • How much it costs just to build one house for a family in Guatemala.
  • The life change his family experienced through this.
  • Jon & his wife chose to sell their home to have more margin in their lives to live, give, and save.
  • How they have chosen to live differently to make a greater contribution.
  • "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone,"  Andy Stanley.
  • "You can be extraordinary right where you live with the people you rub shoulders with every day."
  • Do a little better.  Stretch yourself.  Make an impact.
  • How difficult it is to translate what that experience was like.
  • The Hobbit's parallel and how hard it is to come back to regular life.
  • You are not ordinary.  You have an amazing opportunity right in front of your eyes.  You can change the world for someone else and yourself.
  • Do something today. Cause yourself to stretch.  Become your best.
Dec 7, 2017

The holidays are so much fun...and so much extra work.

This time is so precious. You can easily run out of energy, zest, and enthusiasm if you’re not careful.

Enjoy your marathon, and set yourself up to WIN. 

Holiday Extras are your Responsibility.

Take care of yourself, girl, there are too many other depending on you.

Solution:  Get a team.  Involve others.  Ask for help.  Let the older kids wrap presents with you... or don't wrap at all!

Too Much Good Stuff.  Everywhere.

Too much of anything is just too much.  So enjoy the goodies.  Just be wise.  

Solution:  Drink your water. Decide your limits. Get a water tracking app.

Lots of late nights and ridiculously early mornings.

Sleep Doesn't Happen in December.

Solution: While it's easy to say you're going to bed on time.  Set yourself an alarm. Really.

Making sure it's...perfect.

Say no.  Even in December.

Solution:  It's time to laugh more at Christmas.  Tell your family and friends you are not going for all-out perfection.

Plan the next thing.

Explain how the mind can trick you.  Multi-tasking is not helpful.

Solution: Let yourself be in the moment.

And deserve it.

Make Time to Laugh.

Explain how the mind can trick you.  Multi-tasking is not helpful.

Solution: Let yourself be in the moment.

Nov 27, 2017

A year ago, I shared a post about how Thanksgiving is like Leadership. But the more you dive into the makings of a happy holiday feast, the more you realize, Thanksgiving is like your Business.

  1. No matter how well you plan, one thing can derail you how you respond says everything. You think you’ve got it covered- the full logistics. Find the less than obvious things. We thawed the turkey in the bathtub. Lesson learned: Turkey Thaw (Prep) Time. You cannot make up lost time. Be a turtle.  Keep moving forward.
  2. Multiple things are going at the same time. You don’t have to be there for each one.  Efficiency. Don’t crowd the oven. Set stations & spread it out.  Lesson learned: Set up stations. Structure the project with assembly line focus. Become efficient.
  3. The restriction of 1 oven held us back. Three tools allowed us to have multiple things cooked and ready at the same time.  Lesson learned:  Invest in the tools. You need to maximize your efforts and your time.
    • Ask these three questions before making your  next business purchase:
      • How often will I use this?
      • Can I use this tool for multiple projects?
      • Will I be using this in one year in my business?
  4. Dad can do the cranberry sauce. A child can stir while you add. (You take care of the big stuff you must take care of) Pass #2 & 3 priorities on to someone else.  Lesson learned: Delegate. Structure the project with assembly line focus. Become efficient.
  5. Sick kid: yes, even though you plan & make it work, somehow your kid can get sick. Just because. So we were in the InstaCare and late night pharmacy. This is real life. This is how life works. Lesson learned:  Something things you cannot control: health, sickness, the weather. Keep the important things important.  Your business does not overrule relationships.
  6. BONUS Secret:  Yes, you can. If you can plan, prepare & execute a Thanksgiving dinner- you can run a business. (The steps are far more apparent for a holiday dinner. Do your research.  Lesson learned: Believe in yourself. If you are having a hard time, know that I believe in you. You can do this.  You can create something.  Do it now. 
Nov 23, 2017

Ep. 90

How to Take Quality Care of Your People (Think: Your Champion)

Sales Funnel Series, Part 5

Take your small business to be the business “everyone keeps hearing about…”

Who are Your People?

  • Your people (they have decided to be your Super Fan)
  • They’ve been coined “your apostles” because they are out speaking the good word of you. We call them CHAMPIONS
  • They feel comfortable (They seek out new ways to) learn from you, be part of your group, or contribute to your cause.

You know you have a champion when…

  • Their spouse, close friends, and beauty shop ladies know you.  By name.
  • They cannot stop talking about you.  Everywhere.
  • The love and buy every, single thing you sell.
  • They volunteer to do more, buy more, or give you even more than what you asked of them.
  • The relationship between you and your champ is what we call “The Ultimate Win-Win.”

Why do your champions matter?

  • Organizations, businesses, and even political parties do not survive WITHOUT them.
  • Example: NFL with the Seahawks fans in freezing cold weather.
  • These are the lifeblood of your business.  Think of Cheers, “Norm…” walks into the room. 
  • McDonald’s shift and the old, curmudgeonly guys come in for morning coffee and pancakes. They know their menu better than you.

How do I influence my champions even more?

  • Figure out a way to be one-step ahead of their request. Keep them happy.
  • Example: NFL with the Seahawks fans in freezing cold weather.
  • These are the lifeblood of your business.  Think of Cheers, “Norm…” walks into the room. 
  • McDonald’s shift and the old guys come in for morning coffee and pancakes. They know their menu better than you.

Why are they so committed to me & my services?

  • They seek connection.  Find ways for these members to meet others like them.  (Membership group. MeetUp of members.)
  • They want status.  (For the Inner Circle of fans.  High paying customers… we offer this…)
  • They want access to you.  (NFL, meet the players day…with purchase of this & this…)
  • Find ways to have “elite club members only” events.  (Only season ticket holders get to attend the event…)
  • If you buy this package AND the membership bonus, you’ll receive FREE _________.

What else can I offer them?

  • Signed copies of your work (great for creators.)
  • An open house of your newly remodeled restaurant (by invite only of those reward members that have 5,000 points of more.)
  • Offer a new experience. 

How often should I connect with them?

  • Surprise them. 
  • Make it personal. Everyone knows a card is coming at the holidays.  I send a card 2-3 times a year in the off months.
  • Leave something that reminds you of them. 
  • Send them tickets to your exclusive event…
  • A simple thank you card for doing business with you.  Buy the staff lunch after your business with them.


How do I include them?

  • Something special…just for them.  Think everyone can buy tickets to a concert.
  • Few pay more for the up close seats.
  • They pay more for the backstage passes.
  • And your champions will pay a lot more for the “15-minute meet the band” before the show… (that comes only with  up close seats and backstage passes…)

So, How Do You Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel?

  • Take one step and start moving forward.
  • Next time I'm going to show you how to do even more and get your customers to start talking about you.
  • You have big work to do. I love showing you how to simplify the steps so you are working smarter instead of harder.
Nov 16, 2017

Ep. 89 You've made the sale. Now make a connection.      How to Get Your Customers Speaking About You.      Be the tour guide. Remember that funny scene in Toy Story? Tour Guide Barbie drives them through the experience. 1.  Show them what to do next. Don't assume they know. (Don't give them a fish!)  Think of our discussion on the last the sales episode.   Focus on the relationship. Thank them directly. Tell them, “Great!  Do this next…” Take them to the next step, add the link so they can follow your process.  2.  Need a testimonial or review?  You guide them through it. If they send you an email with some great feedback, ask if you can share it. If they tell you in person, ask if you can write that down and they can add their insights. You can write a testimonial and ask if they would be willing to endorse you. Ask customers to leave a review on Yelp. Or your Facebook page. Only ask for one request.  Too many requests and what happens?  Nothing. 3. End every communication with Calls to Action (CTAs).  As the tour guide on this sweet experience for your customer Walk them through the maze of customer service.  Example?  Trying to pay the electric bill here is completely different experience from paying the cell phone bill.  Say, for example, “Now, click on the link and leave a review on iTunes.” You may have to show them how.    Social Media Steps to Get them to Speak More About You Consider opportunities like this for social media: Ask a question.  Tell them to “hit like,” or “Give this a thumbs up if you know what I’m talking about…” Ask for exactly what you want. 'Fill in the blank..." If you are on a Facebook live, ask your audience to give you some love (click on those little hearts) then share this recording so others can learn, too. On a live recording, tell them the exact words you want them to post below. Intrigue your readers on your blog, “Comment below,” or to share this on social media…   Real Life Steps to Take so Customers Speak About You The process is: See > Serve > Show > Share: See:  they see me, I see them. We connect. Serve:  help them somehow.  Share some insight.  Show your personal touch. Tell them why. Show: Show them how.  Take their phone, open the podcast app, subscribe them to the show. (Note:  I actually did this with some women at jury duty last week.  This works!) Share:  Ask them to share it with someone who would love this.  (People don’t enjoy buying what they NEED, they enjoy buying what they WANT.)   So, How Do You Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel? Take one step and start moving forward. Next time I'm going to show you how to do even more and get your customers to start talking about you. You have big work to do. I love showing you how to simplify the steps so you are working smarter instead of harder.

Nov 9, 2017

You know what a smart, ambitious looks like.  

We love what she accomplishes.

We admire & respect her.

So why is it so hard to recognize the smart, ambitious woman in ourselves?

This is a tough concept we haven't talked about enough.

Smart, ambitious women are so busy caring for others and reaching out to make a contribution to the world they can easily overlook themselves.

So today let's break it down.

All smart, ambitious women have 5 strengths that are innately part of who they are. 

These women:

  1.  Believe in themselves.
  2.  Plan to succeed.
  3.  Have the heart to serve & to teach.
  4.  Finish the job.
  5.  Epitomize "aggressive consistency."

These are strengths that we can all work on.  It is this inner grit that makes us stand out.

But there is more to it.

This is The Value that Unites All Smart, Ambitious Women

Allow me to share my delayed jury duty experience.

It hit me how important this is when another juror looked right at me and said,"Motherhood is hardship."

The value that unites us is family.

Family is our top priority.  Family is our full focus.  Family is our place of happiness. 

The smart, ambitious women I work with show the value of family many ways. 

There is a role in your family situation that only you fulfill.

I teach business, marketing and how to increase your bottom that you can fulfill that very important role in your family.

Behind my family and my faith, this is my life's purpose.  

As a smart, ambitious woman, money should not control of what you are able to accomplish in life.

Let's get your business thriving.

Email me directly and let's get you on the right track.

Oct 31, 2017

Warning: This is How You Get Customers to Act Now

Sales Funnel Series, Part 3

Think of that guy you see on your daily routine.  You develop a relationship with a stranger.

This is the process your customer goes through.  First, they Acknowledge you, then they connect (a relationship is made), then they are willing to try what you do.  That is, they have enough trust to spend money with you. 

A:  Acknowledge

C: Connect

T: Trust/ Try

Research from over 2,000 customers showing how far companies must go to please (or alienate) customers. *

Customer-centered marketing (aim at the customer) >> Customer-first marketing (elevate the customer).

Your customers today are:

  • modern empowered customers
  • people looking for personalization
  • those that value efficiency

The number 1 reason people were satisfied customers is: “I consistently have good experiences with it.”

The number 1 reason people were unsatisfied customers is: “The company does not put my needs and wants above its own business goals.”

The key to getting your customers to act is to show empathy.

You are already doing this. You show empathy throughout the day, meaning you know what they are going through.  The thoughts, feelings, or attitudes of others.

There is not another group of people on the planet that can match the level of empathy of smart, ambitious women.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  — Zig Ziglar, Secrets of Closing the Sale, 1984

The steps to showing empathy & getting your customer to act are:

1.  Make the Connection

  • Starting to get them to act is starting a conversation.
  • Make it genuine.
  • Be right there with your customer.

2.  Speak their language

  • Big companies have brand ambassadors.  You are your own ambassador.
  • This is the long-game.  Building trust takes time.  
  • Speak to your customer in her moment.  (Think the woman on the bus at day's end.  She's not stupid.  She's tired.)

3.  Be Orginal.  Be true.  Be You.

  • Don’t put anything you out there you wouldn’t want shown on the Times Square Billboard to be shown.
  • They may copy your graphics, color & design…they can’t copy YOU.  You are the secret weapon.
  • Share what’s going on in your journey.  Really connect.

4.  Remember, It’s not about you. Make it about them.

  • Find ways to make it an easy convenient sale.  Example: great reminders come through Instagram.  Show the story of how you got where you are/ created your product/ get through the process of ideas...
  • Think, what else?  What else does my customer want with this?Example:  Selling a product…add a sample of the companion product.
  • Make it easy to buy. Have the next step in the process there for them.  Example: Amazon as a search engine.  You can find it, click, and do nothing with credit card info because they’ve saved it there for you.

5.  We're all busy. Time is of the essence.

  • At the end of the day, we all need deadlines.
  • Set a deadline and stick with it. (No one takes you seriously until you do.)
  • Add some sort of bonus with your purchase if you act now.
  • Follow up. Sometimes people get distracted.

6.  You + Your product is an irresistible team!

  • This is the biggest truth I want all smart, ambitious women to understand:  People aren’t buying the product, they are buying you.  They trust you.  You already have people who trust you- let them have your best.
  • Confidence comes when you take action.  Start.  Ask.  And move forward.

7.  Ask:  will you _____?

  • Some less-effective business coaches tell you, “The next thing to do is…” as you walk customers through the steps of the purchase.  NO.
  • Have some class.  Treat them like you want to be treated.
  • Start invite with, “Will you ______ ?”

8.  Show them what to do next.

  • Don't assume they know. (Don't give them a fish!)  Think of this podcast.  I take the ir phones from their hands, show them where the podast app is, put in the show title or my name and click subscribe.
  • Tell them, “Great!  Do this next…”
  • Thank them directly.
  • Take them to the next step.

Social Media Steps to Get them to Act

Consider opportunities like this for social media:

  1. Ask a question.  Something that can be used a conversation starter.
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes and follow the hashtag rabbit hole. Like & connect.  How do you start convos?  Use a question.  Here’s the key:  when the timer is up, you are done.
  3. Serve others in social media. (this the modern, empowered customer era) Answer questions.  Share info.
  4. Offer to help 1:1.  

Real Life Steps to Take so Customers Spot You

The best way to get customers to act.

The process is: See > Serve > Share > Stay Steady :

  1. See:  they see me, I see them.
  2. Serve:  help them somehow.
  3. Share: tell them what you do and why.
  4. Stay Steady:  If they say no- you do not change how you treat them.  This is where many smart, ambitious women fail in the Sales Funnel.

So, How Do You Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel?

  • Take one step and start moving forward.
  • Next time I'm going to show you how to do even more and get your customers to start talking about you.
  • You have big work to do. I love showing you how to simplify the steps so you are working smarter instead of harder.

If you have questions, are looking for even more insight, you can send me an email at:

* Resource:

Oct 25, 2017

How to Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel

This is part 1 in the series on Sales Funnels.  

The old school vs. new school sales funnels.  

Too many terms, not enough tactics.

Attract Your Customers With a Nibble

You are leading them on a journey. In a world bombarded with noise, it doesn't help to give someone the full feast of what you offer.

It's appetizer education now. Give them a nibble.  

Your customers are too busy with all the incoming messages, a nibble is all they need. 

Think of Costco runs on Saturday afternoons.   Those sample stations are at nearly every turn. Smell good? Have a nibble. "Do you like it?  They are located right around this corner and are sale today!"

It Starts When Customers Spot You. Here's How the Big Companies Do This.

Companies pay millions of dollars so that you can spot them. A few examples are:

  • Movie/ television sets are paid by companies to have their products on camera. Think of cereals, etc.
  • Sponsorships of teams and organizations in the community. Banners out on left field, on the walls of the high school, etc.
  • Celebrities holding a can of Pepsi.
  • Billboards across the globe. Thank you, Coke.
  • Times Square flashing lights.
  • YouTube ads: before you can watch some videos you have the 5-second mandatory ad. 
  • Streaming videos: services have mandatory commercial breaks within the shows.


You, Smart, Ambitious Woman, Are Already in Sales. And You're Good at it.

We make sales too complicated. You are a salesperson, you may not have realized that.

I'm on a mission to help smart, ambitious women make sales simple & a natural part of daily life.

Because you are already in sales. The process of making a sale is convincing someone to act.  You do this every day when you:

  • Remind your child to make their bed so they can get to school on time. 
  • Get the family out the door on time so you're not late again.
  • Help a co-worker pass that certification with study notes/ practices so she can get a raise.
  • Give someone a reason why they should join the volunteer organization, or plan the company picnic, or do something extra so they can put it on their resume.
  • Negotiate the purchase price of an item so you save money and they still get a commission.

We'll go into the power of sales more down the road, recognize that you are an excellent salesperson already.


How to Make it Easy For Your Customers Spot You

Your sales funnel is your strategy. You implement the tactics.  This is why there are so many in business who give you the strategy and sale the tactics.  

So now to the tactics to start your sales funnel so your customers spot you easily.

But first, know your customer.  You must know who you are looking to draw into your sales funnel.  If you're not sure about that, I've got an entire worksheet dedicated to your perfectly delighted customer in the show notes. 

The secret?  Make it a part of everyday life. Use what you've got, girl. 

A few ideas that come to mind are:

  • If you are a natural encourager, encourage your customer.
  • If you are funny, be funny in your placement.
  • If you are out a lot, be the person with your product.

You are putting your message/ product/ad out in the world. [Note: Do not do all of these at once.  Start with one and do this consistently for a month. Then look at adding another. Don't be concerned it's not enough, people will start to notice. You are laying the foundation for your powerful sales funnel here.]


Social Media Steps so Customers Spot You

Consider opportunities like this for social media:

  1. Make a consistent post. At a minimum, post twice a week, you could post daily. (10 words or less is ideal for graphics.)
  2. Tell a funny story in your life. Pull that story back to your product or service.
  3. Show pictures of your life in daily use on how the product works.
  4. Ask a question.  Something that can be used a conversation starter.
  5. Share the good news! If your product, someone in your organization has an article or post, share that and explain why this is important.
  6. Send congratulations!  When someone else succeeds doing something that you are happy for or talks about your product or service, bring up in the feed.  
  7. Video posts. This will take more time and planning but should be on your radar. 


Real Life Steps to Take so Customers Spot You

Life doesn't happen only online. The best way to allow your customers to spot your product is when they spot you.

Think of it this way:

  1. You are your product. When customers choose to buy, they choose you.
  2. They notice you when they trust you.
  3. Dress like a professional. 
  4. Smile with confidence. (You can watch Amy Cuddy's TED Talk here.)
  5. Listen. Listen 3:1 ratio. People instinctively trust the listeners.
  6. Don't push.  Say less about your product or business, a casual mention is sometimes more powerful than a full-scale business presentation at the kids' soccer game.
  7. Share a sample, if someone shows interest.  Remember this is the world of appetizer education, so give them a nibble.

So, How Do You Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel?

Take one step and start moving forward.

Next time I'm going to show you how to do even more and get your customers to act.

You have big work to do. I love showing you how to simplify the steps so you are working smarter instead of harder.

If you have questions, are looking for even more insight, you can send me an email at:

Oct 19, 2017

The next few episodes, we're going to take each step, each component, and really go into that, how you can make that work for your business, how it's going to happen, and put the pieces together. By the end of the next few episodes, you will have your own kind of sales funnel to get your marketing going for your people.


The question really comes down to is where are your next customers?


You know they're out there. You know they're people can benefit from what you have to offer. Not just the product or service, but from you as a person.

It all comes down to this. You need a sales funnel.

It's some jargon marketing sales talk just to relate the customer experience.

I learned about sales funnels in a marriage and family relations class in college.

Smart sales funnels take the entire population and guide the person through the experience and keeps them not only to become a first time buyer, a customer.

Examples of sales funnels you see daily.

Define the Terms of a Sales Funnel

Make it a snack

Email in your sales funnel

Oct 12, 2017

Hey Smart, Ambitious Woman, You Good?

Speak the Lingo:

Here's a term we should all know:  netiquette.

Yes, it's really a word, meaning, the etiquette of the Internet; polite online behavior 

netiquette. (n.d.). The Dictionary of American Slang. Retrieved October 12, 2017 from website


5 Easy Ways You Beat Stress Right Now

I see you. I hear you. You are busy.  You are serving.

Components of life:

  • Family
  • Faith
  • Finances
  • Fitness
  • Friends 
  • Feed running

That's running on normal autopilot.  What happens when that is overpowered by something else?

How can you take care of yourself while you are taking care of so many?

Try a couple.  When you find yourself in that moment, there's a lot going on and you just need a break, take your 5-minutes. Because we need you.  We need you GOOD.

  • Have a drink of water. Your stress, headaches, muscle aches and more could simply be that you are dehydrated.
  • Take a bathroom break. Your body responds to your mind. 
  • Listen & dance to one thing that makes you feel AMAZING. 
  • Have a laugh. Really laugh. (Go to YouTube. Search for your favorite comedian. This is a great place to find a quick break. I really laughed at Oprah and Ellen talk about going to the bank.
  • Make list. Right now. Write it down. Get it out of your mind.
  • Call somebody. (Yes, you can fit a 5- minute call in.) They might think it’s weird. Tell them to listen to this podcast.
  • Breathe. Inhale. You can’t always exhale. (Brene Brown shares the story in Braving the Wilderness.)
  • Try a 5-minute meditation.  Find them for free on YouTube or other podcasts.


Oct 5, 2017

Books every smart, ambitious woman should read.

I read in the car.

In today's list, I'll share with you the book and why you need to take it in.  Then you can decide which order to read them.


The Deeper Path by Kary Oberbrunner

This book, The Deeper Path, profoundly impacted my life.  I have given away multiple copies to friends.

You should read this because: like all of us, you have a tendency to hide your failures and pain. You can either work through toil and suffering, or you can work to create your OPUS, your masterpiece. This book takes a profound look at how to take your pain, the scary room in your heart, and all of who you are to create your OPUS.  


Essentialism by Greg McKeown

If there is one thing every smart, ambitious woman understands, it is that there is not enough time to get it all done. But where do you decide to cut something off?  Essentialism helps you navigate that space.

You should read because: not only have you found yourself stretched too thin... you, smart, ambitious woman, have definitely felt completely overworked and unfulfilled. The substance of the book is made of 3 questions we have discussed, specifically: 

  • What is the core mindset of an Essentialist?
  • How can I discern the trivial many from the vital few?
  • How can I make doing the vital things almost effortless?


Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

What a powerful read this one was.  I was laughing out loud and crying at times by the sheer rawness of Brene Brown's honesty.  Braving the Wilderness touches on some important issues we must address.

We have forgotten how to communicate with one another, and how to just be with one another. The final chapter, Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart. had me in absolute tears.  

You should read because: you understand what it means to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  You have so many listening to you and depending on you, that you must know how to speak truth and be civil. And, oh, smart, ambitious women need a place to hold hands with strangers.

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Note: she is a bit crass for some readers and listeners.  It's part of her charm and adds to her perspective. You've been warned. Most people have no idea what their mindset of wealth is.  Jen Sincero breaks it down in a very plain, easy to understand steps.  At the end of every chapter she shares a "Suggested Money Mantra (say it, write it, feel it, own it)"

Most people have no idea what their mindset of wealth is.  Jen Sincero breaks it down in her easy to understand steps.  In You are a Badass at Making Money, at the end of every chapter she shares a "Suggested Money Mantra (say it, write it, feel it, own it)"

You should read because: you need to know what is holding you back from making money.  You will know how to tap into your natural ability to grow wealth. And she is highly entertaining!

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller

In a world eager to point the blame, personal accountability is rare. 

John G. Miller shares his insight in QBQ, why each of us needs to accept personal accountability with wisdom and integrity.

You should read because: he gives you the structure on how to ask the right questions.  The QBQ method allows you to look at yourself and see if you are behaving and asking questions as a leader or as a victim. 



Sep 18, 2017

 You Need an Excellent Community Now.

Today's focus:

Autonomy is not Isolation. Technology pushes us to believe that they are similar.

Why You Need Community?

  • Loneliness and Social Isolation are Risk Factors for Mortality. Social isolation, loneliness, and even living alone can increase your possibility of death by at least 26% for people younger than 65.  See this paper.
  • Gender, length of time, and region of the world didn't matter in that same study.
  • Connection is the Opposite of Addiction, according to this.

What is Community for Smart, Ambitious Women?

  • Your community is your social group.
  • Community of excellence comes when you make time for it. 
  • Set your standards
  • Make time for that
  • Encourage, empower & uplift your community



"Networks are only as valuable as those they bring together and what happens as a result. The innate value of a network and what you get out of it can make or break your chances for development." Athena Vongalis-Macrow, Harvard Business Review


Ask Yourself These 4 Questions When Evaluating a Network Group

1. Who is in the network?

You want valuable members who are: part pack rat, part librarian, and part Good Samaritan. 

"The pack rat brought a range of resources that could be accessed and used to create new and fresh ideas. The librarian brought information and knowledge. And the Good Samaritan had the attitude and practice of sharing. A network built on relationships between talented, knowledgeable, and supportive members is worth joining. If that rel ationship doesn’t exist, you may need to look elsewhere." HBR

2. How well does the network connect?

Consider the frequency and quality of communication.  

Find out if it's an invitation-only group.

Ask about mentoring options within the group.

3. Is there functional communication?

"Care and concern create network value because they are resources that help build trust and support. Ask yourself, does your network offer support that enables you to overcome difficulties?"

4. Who are you talking to?

Find out if the network gives you access to more influential people. 


How to Create a Support Network

1. Join a group.   

2. Create a group. 

3. Volunteer in the community.

4. Start an online group.


The many resources for today's episode:

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Jun 19, 2017

This is the first episode in the Naked Summer Series. 

Today we talk about why it's important to say no. Why you need to say no even more than you think you need to say it and I share with you an exercise I learned from Greg McKeown on how to do that.

Why you need to say no even more than you think you need to say it and I share with you an exercise I learned from Greg McKeown on how to do that.

Now get your fruity beverage, sit by the pool or beach (if nearby), and let's have a chat!

May 8, 2017

The world makes way for those who know where they are going.

Get that in your purse:

I just finished reading "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes. 

I thought I had to know of every episode of every show she's ever created to get it.

Uh, no. 

Here's just one quote to give you some perspective.  "When you negate someone's compliment, you are telling them they are wrong. You're telling them they wasted their time. You are questioning their taste and judgment."

Say Yes to yourself.  If you're not a reader, I know you're a listener, because, well, this is a podcast.  Get Year of Yes and listen while you are driving the kids in the car.

 Get the Audiobook here .

Speak the Lingo:

Today's Leadership Lingo Term: ambitious

Having ambition; eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, a specific goal, etc.


Today's focus:

Being a Smart, Ambitious Woman is tough.   

We are too tough on ourselves. 

We expect more from ourselves than is necessary. 

Our striving for excellence can actually hold us back.  We need a reminder.

We need perspective.

We need to understand why we are fighting that internal battle of pushing to excel while allowing ourselves to be content at the moment.

That's why I've written "The Smart, Ambitious Woman's Manifesto." If you would like your own copy to print out, save with your PDF file or take a screenshot and use on your phone click here. 

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." - Salvador Dali


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Apr 30, 2017



Get that in your purse:

Always on the hunt for the lowest prices on Amazon?  Check out

This site will do your comparative price hunting for you on Amazon.  This is one of those power tools saving you time and money. 

Today's focus:

Stop Suffering from Super Woman Syndrome and Shine

I play the piano for the kindergartener's graduation program.  It has been an adventure.  

Which brings me to the Super Woman Syndrome.  Do you suffer from this affliction?

Consider, a Super Hero:

  • Solves problems.  Only fixes things and moves onto the next challenge.
  • Thinks herself invincible.  She pretends she is completely unruffled by life.
  • Never gets down.   Always happy.  Always have a fake, toothy grin.
  • Is a doer.  She does it all herself. She doesn't need help from anyone.
  • Is a complete workaholic.  All she has is proving to the world she's a hero.


Now consider a Smart, Ambitious Woman.


  • Asks for help.  Sometimes even just a little more than she needs.  (It's because she understands that she is giving someone opportunity to lead & serve.)
  • Allow herself to be vulnerable.  She mentions to someone she trusts when she is struggling or feeling the fear that comes with progress.
  • Gives herself room to feel the emotions of life.  She is real.  She allows herself to breathe and just be in the moment.
  • Communicates.  She doesn't try to do it all herself.  She encourages and graciously accepts help from others.  That doesn't mean she's weak, she understands the value of teamwork and relationships in life.
  • Appreciates hard work, but puts that aside to focus on other things to make her life enriched.

Which would you rather be?

Smart, ambitious women are so much more fun.  They're more real. They are living life, not just going through the motions.

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Apr 24, 2017

This week I'll share with you the real difference between passion and desire; what that Disneyland kid taught me; how you should prepare for the reaction of those around you when you absolutely know you have to do it. Speak the Lingo: Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Desire vs. Passion We often hear people use the term passion when really they just desire something. Desire comes and goes. Passion doesn't let go. "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." --Oprah Winfrey "You can't fake passion." --Barbara Corcoran Today's focus: Everyone has that one thing they've been talking about doing. Some of us know people who never take the steps to make their dream come to fruition. On my email list, yes, I email them every day, we have been working through some kinks the month of April to make these people's ideas become profitable business ideas. When you absolutely know you have to do it. I share with you what I learned from the Disneyland kid. What you need to know about the phases other people go through trying to accept/understand your "crazy dream..." They'll say to you things like, (Each one of these a phase the people you love go through to accept the "new you" and your passion/project/big dream.) "This is so weird." They don't understand. It's awful. "What? Are you serious about this?" They are kind of intrigued. They half-mock/half-listen. "Really? You want to do this?" Now they are interested. They start to listen to you. "How does that work?" Now they are entertained. They want to know your story. "Why does this matter? Or, Why didn't I think of that?" They are enchanted. They love what you are doing. They are cheering you on in your journey. "Don't die with your music still in you." -- Wayne Dyer Want a daily email to light you up? Consider it your 5 minutes away, the vitamin B for your soul. Sign up here: You can now start your own podcast and get your first two months of hosting. Go to for your discount code. Let’s connect! Follow in social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Apr 10, 2017

Today's episode is going in a different direction.

This new insight has been of tremendous value for me and I want you to hear about it.  These insights are notes gleaned as I read "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself," by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

Negative thoughts... they can pop up anytime.

Here's how to beat them. 

  1. Understand that your mind is a computer.
  2. The programming of that computer has been done.
  3. Change the program.
  4. Use the 1:5 ratio to make that happen.
  5. Make Self-Talk a regular part of your day.
  6. Record your new program.

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Mar 27, 2017

 This episode continues to explain the RICH Life Framework.  Today 



Adding a new segment to the show, occasionally we'll be sharing a newsflash or interesting tip that applies to all of us.  

Today's newsflash is, the good people at Podcast Movement mentioned me and Think Enriched, as one of 10 women you should know at PM17.

See the post here.

Speak the Lingo:

Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Network

Too many of us are concerned to start an income stream because, "I don't want to be too salesy..." Or, "I don't know anyone."

Oh please. 

Consider the people you see at:

  • school drop off
  • kids' activities
  • the gym
  • church groups
  • the same checker at the grocery store that is so friendly
  • neighbors

Use your skills and gently reach out to those in your daily routine.  Those tiny conversations build the seed of trust with others.  

This is how you begin to plant the seeds of your  network.

Habits of Excellence:

This week's Habit of Excellence: The Power Nap. WebMD shares why a power nap is more effective than caffeine. 

When's the last time you've had a power nap?

  • 20-minute nap :(Stage 2 nap) is good for alertness & motor learning skills like typing and playing the piano.
  • 30 to 60-minute naps helps decision-making skills, vocabulary memorization and direction recall.
  • 60 to 90-minute naps allow you to make new brain connection and creative problem solving.

How to Nap.  Yes, really.  We need to re-learn to energize ourselves:

  • Be consistent. Keep a napping schedule.  (1 to 3pm is prime time.)
  • Go dark. Nap in a dark room if you can.
  • Stay warm. Use a blanket, as your body temp drops while you snooze.

Today's focus:

Here's how to have happy, successful business relationships.

  1. Be genuinely interested.
  2. Learn about them because it's fun.
  3. Unexpected surprises.

The best way to grow a new business relationship is to plant the seed.

Next time you are working to create a solid business relationship, remember the acronym PLANT.  What is PLANT?  Simply, it is this:

  • P: PLAN. "When you don't know where you are headed, any path will take you there."  
  • L: LISTEN. The best networkers know more about others.  Show that you are listening (active listening skills.)  Ask smart questions.  
  • A: AUTHENTIC. Let people know that who you are at the dinner table is who you are in the office.  Let them see you.
  • N: NEED.  Watch for needs that you can fill.  We're not talking money, here.  Small needs that pop up.
  • T: TRUST. Trust is credit which builds over TIME.  You need to consistently be working on the first four skills to build that trust.  

A few ways to incorporate the PLANT strategy:

  • Listen more intently.
  • Fill a need that you can.  
  • Surprise people along the way.
  • Turn a daily acquaintance into a business colleague.


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Mar 20, 2017


In this special interview, we have Megan Dowd with us.  Her vibrance & information will really be something special for you! 

Get that in your purse:


Speak the Lingo:

Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Self-Care

"Self-care is a very active and powerful choice to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health. And in this case, overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being."

  1. Physical Self-Care: Sleep, Counting calories, Exercise
  2. Psychological Self-Care: Avoiding negative self-talk, prescriptions, 
  3. Emotional Self-Care: Dealing with emotions, grieving, depression, anxiety
  4. Social Self-Care: Be with those you love.Talking through conflict, addressing emotional needs of others
  5. Spiritual Self-Care: Faith and meaning in life, meditation, walks, 

We all need to make self-care a priority.  As women we can set the standard to 

Today's focus:

I'm excited to share with you our interview with Megan Dowd.  

Megan Dowd is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor in Matwork and Reformer, Levels 1 & 2, which means she's spent a lot of time in both the classroom AND studio to learn how to adapt this work to all bodies. Bodies are weird, wonderful, and AMAZING - yours included - and her work centers around helping you feel greater control and grace in your body RIGHT NOW. She loves to cook (and eat), bakes when she gets stressed out, and regularly goes for walks in the historic graveyard near her apartment (to be clear, there are miles of walking path so she's not just wandering the headstones…).

In this interview we discuss:

  • Mind Body Connection and how it matters to us.

Megan is ready to show you how to do 3 Stretches in Bed!  Go to to get it.

As a bonus Megan is offering you a 25% discount on your first session!

Find Megan online: 

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Mar 7, 2017

Invest in Yourself. Easy to say. So very hard to do if you haven't before. Get that in your purse: Check out "5 Minutes for You." Speak the Lingo: Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Invest As you continue to invest in yourself, you'll be able to serve others even better. Today's focus: Continuing on the with RICH Framework, we are talking about the letter I, which is all about investing in yourself. A couple of caveats, your most valuable resources are: Your time. Your energy. Your money. Find ways to maximize those resources. Don't A few ideas to consider investing in yourself are: Read more, plus read a variety of books Make time to learn a new language, a coding program, a new stitch Create something in a new form for you Work with a new tutor, mentor, or coach in your field. Find one that really stretches you to excel. Think about today and tomorrow. Let’s connect! Sign up for "5 Minutes for You." My gift to you, my friend, while you ambitiously give to the world, take 5 Minutes and let's connect. Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Now you can start your own podcast, get your first two months of hosting FREE. Go to for your discount code.

Mar 6, 2017

Are you Mindfully Alive in Your Creative Process?

Today's episode is giving you more insight on how to allow more time to create, and, in particular, we're focusing on the Mindfully Alive Retreat.

This free retreat is for you, my friend, the woman who is working, serving, giving to so many.  The experts speaking are sharing their insights on topics like:

  • Stress & Creativity
  • Managing Creative Blocks
  • How to Find Creativity While You're Stuck
  • Money, Art & Stress

So many exciting topics to discuss.  I'm delighted to be one of the speakers sharing insight.  Click here to sign up for  the Mindfully Alive Retreat.

Get that in your purse:

You can join me daily at "5 Minutes for You."

You, my dear friend, do so very much.  Consider this your 5 Minute Break at the end of the day for a little laughter, inspiration and cheering you on in the many roles of being a woman.

Speak the Lingo:

Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Create

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • How are you Creating?  Or, if that's not the case, consider
  • What is keeping you from being creative?
  • Do you find immersed in the creative process?
  • What kinds of activities allow you to be more creative?

Do more of that!  Creativity allows you to come alive and tap into Flow.  

Read: Finding Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Today's focus: 

Today we're talking about the Mindfully Alive Retreat.  

Part of living is being free to create.  

And, it's completely free when you sign up.  Later, you are welcome to purchase the recordings if you'd like.  

We discuss:

  • Julie is an occupational therapist & artist.
  • She coaches artists to become excellent business people.
  • Money & creativity can be messy.  She helps you keep it organized.
  • Letting go is the part of the process for sale.
  • How to go through life and stay "Mindfully Alive."
  • Do you consider yourself creative?  You belong at the Mindfully Alive Retreat.
  • How you can get back into flow.
  • For a quick 2 weeks, you'll enjoy daily speakers delivered right to your inbox.
  • Take some time out for yourself.
  • How money & stress holds you back 
  • How you can make money as an artist
  • Your clothing can affect your mindfulness throughout the day
  • Finding Creativity When Your Stuck
  • Why you need to allow yourself time simply for creativity.
  • The difference between, "Sharing your art, but not your soul."

I will be speaking at the Mindfully Alive Retreat.  I hope you can join us there!

Julie is an artist, coach and bestselling author whose passion is to see talented creatives become talented business people.  She has sold her art internationally over the last 15 years but has done it in a way that feels good rather than filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt which has been the recommended way to sell online.

Julie has always been creative, one of her earliest memories is playing with the sequins in her grandmothers’ bead pot.  Anything that is shiny attracts her, including new ideas… lots of them.  She has used art to heal during her 20-year career as a mental health Occupational Therapist and personally within her own life.  She now daily completes a meditation using art to focus her day and it’s an amazing bonus that these pieces sell.

You can find Julie on her website,

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Feb 27, 2017


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Get that in your purse:

Check out the Hemingway App.  

Concerned about your skills as a writer?  Want to make what you write sound more polished, professional, and easy to understand?

You should try the Hemingway App

Speak the Lingo:

Today's Leadership Lingo Term: RICH

The RICH Framework depends on understanding the word.  Rich means living in abundance, plenty of resources, and high value.  This is the entire goal of the RICH Framework.

Habits of Excellence:

This week's Habit of Excellence: Quick walks for freshness. 

Use the FitBit app to remind you to take a breather.  They say, "Sitting is the new smoking."  Get up, quick walk and get back to work. 

Today's focus:

The RICH Framework, how to make your day & life the paradox of big picture & intentional daily living.

R is for Refresh.

To Refresh yourself:

  • Set daily routines.  Consider your micro-routines.  
  • Deliberately create a daily routine that creates a regular day of success.
  • Eliminate decision fatigue from your life.  
  • "Strenuous thinking leaves your body exhausted," according to Mark Wilson at CoDesign.
  • Gets you off the roller coaster ride of, "What's next?"
  • Write down the daily routine, create a daily docket.
  • Auto-pilot magic.  
  • This allows you to BE in the moment.
  • The roller coaster of great and mini slopes of life. 

These first few steps are how you'll be able to determine business concept.  

Take time to Refresh yourself today.  Set yourself up for a Rich life.

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Feb 20, 2017


Today's focus:

This quote from Jim Rohn: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

Read this quote from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones:   “You are the same today you’ll be in five years except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read."

The 5 people you choose to spend time with are VITAL to your success.  

  • V- Values 
  • I- Intellect/ Initiative
  • T- Talent/ Time 
  • A- Assured/ Affirming
  • L- Listener & Loyal


Check out this article from Entrepreneur.

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Feb 13, 2017

Sure, you have a great idea for your business, but the real question is: Who is going to buy?

We get into all of the details to help you find your perfectly delighted customer.  

For your own worksheet to find your customer, click here.

Get that in your purse:

Check out Project Life.

You can have a scrapbook of all those memories on your phone.  

With Project Life:

  • it is easy to design pages
  • the pieces of the puzzle are ready for you
  • you can add journaling component of your family's memories 

 I'm working on Project 52, that is a page for the week of the year.  Sounds much more complicated than it is... 

Speak the Lingo:

Today's Leadership & Business Lingo Term: Demographics and Psychographics

Demographics, statistical data;  a shared characteristic, like age, income, education, ethnic background, religion or place of worship.

Pyschographics "according to their attitudes and tastes, especially for market research.

 Get your worksheet.

You determine your attitude with the way you speak to yourself. 


Habits of Excellence:

This week's Habit of Excellence: Don't try to remember everything: Set your reminders.

 You have way too much on your mind with all the facets of life.  Setting reminders has allowed me freedom to completely focus on the things that matter.

I use reminders to:

  • send important texts
  • make that phone call at the right time
  • complete my Project 52 pages 
  • tracking my food log

All of these tiny tasks used to overload my brain with too many things to keep track was stressing me out.  Now I know that I'll get all those things completed and still focus on what is really important to me. 

Today's focus:

How to find your perfectly delighted customer.  You can have a remarkable business working with 25 people or less (depending on price point.)

Consider the demographics:

  • Age range
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Family is a priority

And, the pyschographics:

  • Energy level
  • Achievers
  • Learning is important
  • Socially connected, knowledgable with current events
  • Invests in him/herself

Go 3, 4, or 5 levels deeper.  

Then, define the problem or challenge, you, or your product can fix:

  • Be very specific on describing the problem.
  • Express the emotion and physical struggle going through this.
  • What can you offer to help them through the process.

These first few steps are how you'll be able to connect with your customer and get that business going.

Get your worksheet here. 


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Feb 6, 2017

Today I'm telling you about my most frustrating tax experience.

Get that in your purse: Check out the Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule. Pull in your audience with titles to engage your audience. This tool is a great one to use to spark ideas, evaluate the power words, and keep it the right length. Spark the ideas. Pull in emotion. Make a list. Simplify your words. Less is more. Whatever you are writing, run your title through this software.

Speak the Lingo: Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Technical Skills. Technical job skills are those talents, abilities, and expertise acquired to perform a specific responsibility. Technical skills are usually learned through study and practice. Resumes are usually filled with technical skills. For your taxes, legal situations, etc. turn to someone with the right technical skills.

Habits of Excellence: This week's Habit of Excellence: Go to bed 15 minutes earlier. Use this time away from your phone to let yourself be quiet, release the thoughts of the day, and just relax. This one tiny habit has helped me get to that deep sleep faster.

Today's focus: 3 easy ways to expose if this is a business or hobby. Determine your plan to remain in business. Remember the number one rule of business, "Make a profit so you can stay in business". Decide if you have an audience that likes your work, or is willing to purchase something from you. Answer these 9 questions from the IRS. The Small Business Administration shares guidelines here. The IRS determines the difference through these 9 criteria. Specific questions to ask yourself are shared by The Simple Dollar. These first few steps are how you'll be able to determine business concept.

Let’s connect! Find me on Instagram.

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