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If you've always wanted a business and life, you love, Think Enriched will guide your path. Any ambitious woman can create her own financial security. Amy Robles coaches smart, ambitious women take steps to create enriching enterprises. Amy walks you through the ENRICH Framework. This framework helps your business become purposeful and profitable fast, giving you more time to enjoy your life. This is the show for women's personal development, business strategies, and success. Create a business a life that allows you time for your family, faith, and your top priorities. Subscribe to Think Enriched today.
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Apr 30, 2017



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Today's focus:

Stop Suffering from Super Woman Syndrome and Shine

I play the piano for the kindergartener's graduation program.  It has been an adventure.  

Which brings me to the Super Woman Syndrome.  Do you suffer from this affliction?

Consider, a Super Hero:

  • Solves problems.  Only fixes things and moves onto the next challenge.
  • Thinks herself invincible.  She pretends she is completely unruffled by life.
  • Never gets down.   Always happy.  Always have a fake, toothy grin.
  • Is a doer.  She does it all herself. She doesn't need help from anyone.
  • Is a complete workaholic.  All she has is proving to the world she's a hero.


Now consider a Smart, Ambitious Woman.


  • Asks for help.  Sometimes even just a little more than she needs.  (It's because she understands that she is giving someone opportunity to lead & serve.)
  • Allow herself to be vulnerable.  She mentions to someone she trusts when she is struggling or feeling the fear that comes with progress.
  • Gives herself room to feel the emotions of life.  She is real.  She allows herself to breathe and just be in the moment.
  • Communicates.  She doesn't try to do it all herself.  She encourages and graciously accepts help from others.  That doesn't mean she's weak, she understands the value of teamwork and relationships in life.
  • Appreciates hard work, but puts that aside to focus on other things to make her life enriched.

Which would you rather be?

Smart, ambitious women are so much more fun.  They're more real. They are living life, not just going through the motions.

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Apr 24, 2017

This week I'll share with you the real difference between passion and desire; what that Disneyland kid taught me; how you should prepare for the reaction of those around you when you absolutely know you have to do it. Speak the Lingo: Today's Leadership Lingo Term: Desire vs. Passion We often hear people use the term passion when really they just desire something. Desire comes and goes. Passion doesn't let go. "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." --Oprah Winfrey "You can't fake passion." --Barbara Corcoran Today's focus: Everyone has that one thing they've been talking about doing. Some of us know people who never take the steps to make their dream come to fruition. On my email list, yes, I email them every day, we have been working through some kinks the month of April to make these people's ideas become profitable business ideas. When you absolutely know you have to do it. I share with you what I learned from the Disneyland kid. What you need to know about the phases other people go through trying to accept/understand your "crazy dream..." They'll say to you things like, (Each one of these a phase the people you love go through to accept the "new you" and your passion/project/big dream.) "This is so weird." They don't understand. It's awful. "What? Are you serious about this?" They are kind of intrigued. They half-mock/half-listen. "Really? You want to do this?" Now they are interested. They start to listen to you. "How does that work?" Now they are entertained. They want to know your story. "Why does this matter? Or, Why didn't I think of that?" They are enchanted. They love what you are doing. They are cheering you on in your journey. "Don't die with your music still in you." -- Wayne Dyer Want a daily email to light you up? Consider it your 5 minutes away, the vitamin B for your soul. Sign up here: You can now start your own podcast and get your first two months of hosting. Go to for your discount code. Let’s connect! Follow in social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Apr 10, 2017

Today's episode is going in a different direction.

This new insight has been of tremendous value for me and I want you to hear about it.  These insights are notes gleaned as I read "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself," by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

Negative thoughts... they can pop up anytime.

Here's how to beat them. 

  1. Understand that your mind is a computer.
  2. The programming of that computer has been done.
  3. Change the program.
  4. Use the 1:5 ratio to make that happen.
  5. Make Self-Talk a regular part of your day.
  6. Record your new program.

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