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Oct 25, 2017

How to Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel

This is part 1 in the series on Sales Funnels.  

The old school vs. new school sales funnels.  

Too many terms, not enough tactics.

Attract Your Customers With a Nibble

You are leading them on a journey. In a world bombarded with noise, it doesn't help to give someone the full feast of what you offer.

It's appetizer education now. Give them a nibble.  

Your customers are too busy with all the incoming messages, a nibble is all they need. 

Think of Costco runs on Saturday afternoons.   Those sample stations are at nearly every turn. Smell good? Have a nibble. "Do you like it?  They are located right around this corner and are sale today!"

It Starts When Customers Spot You. Here's How the Big Companies Do This.

Companies pay millions of dollars so that you can spot them. A few examples are:

  • Movie/ television sets are paid by companies to have their products on camera. Think of cereals, etc.
  • Sponsorships of teams and organizations in the community. Banners out on left field, on the walls of the high school, etc.
  • Celebrities holding a can of Pepsi.
  • Billboards across the globe. Thank you, Coke.
  • Times Square flashing lights.
  • YouTube ads: before you can watch some videos you have the 5-second mandatory ad. 
  • Streaming videos: services have mandatory commercial breaks within the shows.


You, Smart, Ambitious Woman, Are Already in Sales. And You're Good at it.

We make sales too complicated. You are a salesperson, you may not have realized that.

I'm on a mission to help smart, ambitious women make sales simple & a natural part of daily life.

Because you are already in sales. The process of making a sale is convincing someone to act.  You do this every day when you:

  • Remind your child to make their bed so they can get to school on time. 
  • Get the family out the door on time so you're not late again.
  • Help a co-worker pass that certification with study notes/ practices so she can get a raise.
  • Give someone a reason why they should join the volunteer organization, or plan the company picnic, or do something extra so they can put it on their resume.
  • Negotiate the purchase price of an item so you save money and they still get a commission.

We'll go into the power of sales more down the road, recognize that you are an excellent salesperson already.


How to Make it Easy For Your Customers Spot You

Your sales funnel is your strategy. You implement the tactics.  This is why there are so many in business who give you the strategy and sale the tactics.  

So now to the tactics to start your sales funnel so your customers spot you easily.

But first, know your customer.  You must know who you are looking to draw into your sales funnel.  If you're not sure about that, I've got an entire worksheet dedicated to your perfectly delighted customer in the show notes. 

The secret?  Make it a part of everyday life. Use what you've got, girl. 

A few ideas that come to mind are:

  • If you are a natural encourager, encourage your customer.
  • If you are funny, be funny in your placement.
  • If you are out a lot, be the person with your product.

You are putting your message/ product/ad out in the world. [Note: Do not do all of these at once.  Start with one and do this consistently for a month. Then look at adding another. Don't be concerned it's not enough, people will start to notice. You are laying the foundation for your powerful sales funnel here.]


Social Media Steps so Customers Spot You

Consider opportunities like this for social media:

  1. Make a consistent post. At a minimum, post twice a week, you could post daily. (10 words or less is ideal for graphics.)
  2. Tell a funny story in your life. Pull that story back to your product or service.
  3. Show pictures of your life in daily use on how the product works.
  4. Ask a question.  Something that can be used a conversation starter.
  5. Share the good news! If your product, someone in your organization has an article or post, share that and explain why this is important.
  6. Send congratulations!  When someone else succeeds doing something that you are happy for or talks about your product or service, bring up in the feed.  
  7. Video posts. This will take more time and planning but should be on your radar. 


Real Life Steps to Take so Customers Spot You

Life doesn't happen only online. The best way to allow your customers to spot your product is when they spot you.

Think of it this way:

  1. You are your product. When customers choose to buy, they choose you.
  2. They notice you when they trust you.
  3. Dress like a professional. 
  4. Smile with confidence. (You can watch Amy Cuddy's TED Talk here.)
  5. Listen. Listen 3:1 ratio. People instinctively trust the listeners.
  6. Don't push.  Say less about your product or business, a casual mention is sometimes more powerful than a full-scale business presentation at the kids' soccer game.
  7. Share a sample, if someone shows interest.  Remember this is the world of appetizer education, so give them a nibble.

So, How Do You Quickly Get Started with Your Solid Sales Funnel?

Take one step and start moving forward.

Next time I'm going to show you how to do even more and get your customers to act.

You have big work to do. I love showing you how to simplify the steps so you are working smarter instead of harder.

If you have questions, are looking for even more insight, you can send me an email at:

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